Modern Warfare 4 The Records - I (Experimental RP)

The Year is 2017, it is the year when the World War 3 was ended by the death of Vladimir Makarov, and the beginning of the chaos brought by total, global destruction of civilization after the bloodshed.

The entire earth is a wasteland, while the nations and systems still exist, it is merely the shadows of their former self. Without the false sense of security brought by economy and rations, the world once again falls into a warfare without rules. Such land is a haven for bandits and warmongers, they pillage the others merely for their self interests. This war has nothing ideal, it is for survival.

One day, you awake from a pile of rubble, and you have no clue what happened to this world. And so, your adventure begins.

"For The Records."


1. This is Free RP without fixed plots.

2. You may create as many characters as you want, just make sure you can handle them.

3. No CoD protagonist or major NPCs as player characters.

4. Killstreak Reward is unavailable for this RP

5. Your characters are NOT protected from death, you are however mostly safe if you remember to drink and eat.

6. Remember to conserve ammo, they aren't commonplace anymore.

7. In case of PvP, at least allow opponents to retaliate around 3 times before finishing moves.

8. Other than that, enjoy.

Chracter Card:






Faction (Optional):

Weapons (1 Primary & 1 Secondary):

Grenade / Projectile (2 Max):


Perks (1 Pro Perk, 2 Standard Perks):

Blue Perk:

Red Perk:

Yellow Perk:

Resistance (2 max):

Weakness (at least 2):

Mental Weakness (at least 1):

Character Bio:

Spec Note: